What is the primary operating system you use for developing Perl applications?

The poll came as a response to a similar question in two surveys: the Eclipse Community Survey and one from Dr. Dobbs Developer Technographics. According to this article on CNet the question in those surveys was about the deployment operating system and our question was about the development operating system but interestingly many people added comments in which they make the distinctions.

Linux Ubuntu21421%
Linux Debian16216%
Mac OSX16016%
Windows XP727%
Linux RHEL535%
Linux Fedora495%
Linux - any distro374%
Linux Centos333%
Windows 7323%
Linux SUSE283%
Linux - Other232%
Linux Gentoo232%
Other answer...182%
Windows Vista151%
Linux Slackware131%
Windows 200361%
Windows - Other30%
Linux Mandriva30%

The poll ran between 15-22 April 2010 and apparently it attracted exactly 1024 responses during that time. It was promoted via Blogs.Perl.org, in the Perl Mongers group on LinkedIN the Twitter account of Gabor Szabo, on the IRC channel of Padre and on some of the Perl Monger mailing lists.

This time only a single answer was allowed for each person which means the number of answers is also the number of people who answered. While we cannot be sure it seems the number of respondents is comparable to the previous two polls.

The potential answers were listed relatively well and I managed to add the missing values relatively quickly so the "Other" field was used only 18 times (1.76%). On the other hand the idea to give "Windows - Other" (3 votes) and "Linux - Other" (23 votes) was probably not a good idea as we don't really know where those answers belong. The "Linux - any distro" got quite a lot of reponses (37 votes 3.61%) after it was added but that only shows the (lack of) preference of the developer and not so much what actually is being used.

On both Blogs.Perl.org, and on the Perl Mongers group on LinkedIN many comments were received. In many cases people indicated a difference between development and deployment operating system and a difference between the OS used at work and at home. Further surveys might want to make that distinction. There was also a comment indicating that some people run their development tools on one machine while they are actully running the code on another machine. Indeed many IDEs support a way to open a remote files via ssh or ftp.